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Jake Kurdsjuk's Perfect Balance: MeFOTO Instagram Weekly Winner

  by Colleen Carlisle-Nicholas       Category Food Photography, Giveaway       Tags food photography, lifestyle, Instagram giveaway, MeFOTO SideKick360, MeFOTO Giveaway

Jake Kurdsiuk, our SideKick360 winner for 3/21/14, proves that appealing lighting is sometimes surprisingly easy to create. For his winning image, Jake used a single 250W continuous light source with a white umbrella aimed at the ceiling from about 8 feet for ambient light. A Neewer CN-160 LED positioned to the left about 6 inches above the egg provided the shadow. 

"This is my take on an image I'd seen several times over the years.  I'm more of a natural light photographer and shooting with studio lights has never been something I looked to do, so I decided to challenge myself with an egg and see if I could pull off something usable.  Turned out that the biggest challenge was getting the egg to balance perfectly straight! It's always good to stretch yourself a little - I find I often surprise myself." - Jake

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