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SideKick360 Review: Finally... a Flexible, Secure Mount for My iPhone

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I have always believed in the saying, "The best camera is the one that you have with you." - Jeff

360° ball joint makes switching from horizontal to vertical quick and easy. Locks in any position!

360° ball joint makes switching from horizontal to vertical quick and easy. Locks in any position!

Since the release of the iPhone 4, my favorite camera has been my iPhone. Whether it was the iPhone 4 or, more recently, the iPhone 5, I always have my favorite camera with me. Don't get me wrong, I love my DSLRs and super-telephoto lenses and I don't like to be without my Leica for landscapes and portraits. However, the iPhone fits right into my pocket and, just like my wallet and car keys, I never leave home without it.

With that said, there was one thing I'd wished for many times. A tripod mount for my iPhone. But not just any mount. I wanted one that was flexible enough to allow me to turn my iPhone from landscape to portrait quickly and without much fuss. I also wanted to be able to leave my favorite case on my iPhone whenever possible. Why should I have to remove my case, and risk damaging my phone, just to put the phone onto a tripod?

So why exactly would I want a tripod mount for my iPhone anyway? Easy! Macro photography and time-lapse photography. Both take a steady hand or, better yet, a tripod mount. I'd searched around for tripod mounts for my iPhones before, but never found anything that I liked. Most of them required the case to be removed or numerous adjustments to transition from landscape to portrait and back again. That is just far too time consuming when seconds can mean the difference between the right light and a good shot or missing the shot because you were fumbling around with the tripod.

Clamp adjusts to fit phones from 58mm-73mm.

Clamp adjusts to fit phones from 58mm-73mm.

Enter the SideKick360 Smartphone adapter. One knob twist lets you easily adjust from landscape to portrait with another simple twist to tighten things back down again. Another set of knobs allows you to safely tighten the mount onto your smartphone of choice. The clamping mechanism is nice and soft allowing you to use your smartphone without a case for those times when the case must be removed. This is most common when using macro lens attachments that do not work with your favorite case still protecting the phone. The SideKick360 locks into quick-release mounts quickly and securely with the included Arca-Swiss style base. Or, you can thread the SideKick360 directly onto your choice of 1/4"-20 or 3/8"-16 mounts.

As a photographer who takes his profession seriously enough to consider each and every little purchase I can say, without a doubt, that this is the answer that I've been looking for to all of my questions about how to mount my iPhone safely, securely, and quickly to any tripod. Whether I'm using one of those nifty twisty-leg tripods that you can mount to just about anything, or a tripod capable of holding a DSLR along with a battery pack and 400mm lens, or my favorite tripod of all which is my green MeFOTO BackPacker, the SideKick360 fits perfectly. Oh, I almost forgot to mention that if you're lucky enough to own a MeFOTO tripod, you can color match your SideKick360 to match or change it up and get a new SideKick360 in a nice complementary color.

Steve Huff Gives MeFOTO a Thumbs Up!

  by Domenick Delfino       Category Reviews, Giveaway, Featured Photographer       Tags MeFOTO, DayTrip, MeFOTO DayTrip, MeFOTO Backpacker, RoadTrip, MeFOTO RoadTrip, Steve Huff, giveaway, tripod, photography, Review, MeFOTO Giveaway, MeFoto review Steve Huff Gives MeFOTO a Thumbs Up!

Over the past couple of months, Steve Huff has reviewed the MeFOTO DayTrip, BackPacker, and RoadTrip.  Despite openly admitting that he is not generally a huge fan of tripods for his photography due to the hassle of lugging them around, he loved ours!

Steve instantly fell in love the with MeFOTO DayTrip upon his first encounter and immediately wanted to learn more about these “small and tiny wonders” as he liked to call them.  But, what caused this immediate attraction?  He fell for the design, colors, and “teeny” size/ease of use.  The size of the DayTrip allows you to take it with you anywhere you go.  For more product specifications, please click here.


Overall, Steve thought all three tripods are very nice, very well made, and VERY affordable tripods that are designed extremely well, lightweight, easy to carry, and easy to work with.  He highly recommends them.

Don’t forget to participate in the Steve's MeFOTO Tripod giveaway.  Read to the end of Steve's review for a chance to win a MeFOTO DayTrip.


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SLR Lounge Gives MeFOTO a 5 Star Rating!!

  by Colleen Carlisle-Nicholas       Category Reviews       Tags SLR Lounge, video review

SLR Lounge, one of our favorite spots for free photography tutorials, recently reviewed both the MeFOTO Roadtrip and the MeFOTO GlobeTrotter in their popular video series, Rapid Gear Review.

Pye Jirsa, pro photographer and founder of SLR Lounge, put both tripods through their paces for 6 months prior to the review to test their durability.

"Since I am extremely skeptical in regards to how reliable tripods are, especially after long term heavy use, I decided to take my time for this review. In fact, I took 6 months on it because I didn’t believe the results. I have taken both of these tripods on 20-30 shoots each, and both operate just like the day that they arrived. They have been incredibly reliable!"

In fact, Pye was so impressed with the quality, design, reliability and affordability of the MeFOTO tripods that he awarded them a 5 out of 5 star rating and adopted them as his on-the-go tripod of choice.

Check out the video below:

Read the full review here

Vanessa Joy's DayTrip

  by Rachel       Category Reviews       Tags MeFOTO DayTrip, Venssa Joy, shooting on the go

We sent our friend Vanessa Joy a DayTrip to test out. As a MeFOTOgrapher, Vanessa is already a MeFOTO user but, being as small as it is, the DayTrip is that tripod she can bring anywhere, especially if she's shooting on-the-go. 

"The DayTrip is my ideal tripod for engagement sessions because I'm usually shooting alone and don't want any heavy, bulky gear to drag along with me. With this tripod, I can easily grab video shots for use in my fusion slideshow later or get some long exposures during twilight. Top that off with rose-colored accents that match my other MeFOTO gear and I'm set!" - Vanessa

Nicolesy's DayTrip: Not Just Cutesy

  by Rachel       Category Reviews       Tags Nicole Young, Nicolesy, DayTrip

Our friend Nicole Young, founder of Nicolesy, a quirky and quaint website where Nicole shares her photography knowlege as well as sells post-processing tools & her eBooks. Nicole also publishes frequently in her blog and just posted a review of a DayTrip we sent out to her. 

Nicole says: 

If you’re looking for a very small, simple and compact tripod to use on short day trips, or just something to have in your car or luggage “just in case” you happen to need a tripod, then this is a great option for you. I’ve been carrying this around in my car for those moments I have a camera (most likely my Fuji x100s) and happen to come across something that requires a tripod. It’s a good tripod to stick in your bag/backpack/purse/diaper bag and carry with you everywhere you and your camera will go. 

To read the entire review you can here.