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MeFOTO and the Aviator Travel Jib: Together Forever

  by M. Gertz       Category Reviews       Tags aviator travel jib, mia mccormick, kelby training, indie filmmaker tools

A jib is a filmmaking tool that is used to create sweeping, cinematic shots, but it’s not usually something that’s available to the indie filmmaker due to the fact that they’re heavy, expensive, and a huge pain in the butt to set up and operate.

Mia McCormick of reviews two lightweight, travel-friendly, and affordable pieces of gear in this video: the Aviator Travel Jib and the MeFOTO Roadtrip Tripod. According to Mia, these two make “the perfect pair.” Aww!

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FStoppers Reviews MeFOTO

  by Rachel       Category Reviews       Tags fstoppers, jaron schneider, MeFOTO Backpacker, MeFOTO RoadTrip, MeFOTO Globetrotter

Jaron Schneider of FStoppers was first introduced to MeFOTO at WPPI when he noticed many people walking the floor with colorful tripods in their hands.

After reaching out to us we sent him a BackPacker, RoadTrip and GlobeTrotter to test out and lucky for us the response was an excellent and detailed one complete with beautiful illustrating photographs. It's also a great read if you're wanting to know the main differences between the three models from an experienced photographer who used all of them in the field.

We thoroughly enjoyed this article since it's nice to see an outsider's perspective on our brand. Comments like, "Everything on the MeFOTO tripods operates by twisting," are things we know but never really thought about wording it that way.

One of our favorite quotes from the article is: "The takeaway from this discussion on weight is this: MeFoto tripods are crazy light. Crazy light means exceedingly portable, and what’s not to love about that?" followed by,"these tripods kick serious butt."  We couldn't have said it better ourselves!

Read the full review here.

OliviaTech and MeFOTO - Round 2

  by Rachel       Category Reviews       Tags oliviatech, MeFOTO Globetrotter


Olivia gave us her first impressions of the RoadTrip and BackPacker earlier this year but now that we have a carbon fiber edition of the RoadTrip and a whole new model altogether, the GlobeTrotter, we sent her a couple more MeFOTOs to test out: the aluminum GlobeTrotter in black (C2350Q2K) and the carbon fiber RoadTrip in titanium (C1350Q1T). Here's what she had to say:

Olivia came up with three setups to test the capabilities of each model:

For the first, she uses the recessed hook on the center column to attach a 10lb weight and give the GlobeTrotter added stability. The GlobeTrotter successfully supports a slider, monitor, battery pack, camera and lens.


For the second, Olivia pairs an aviator jib with the RoadTrip claiming that although primarily used for photography it is, "perfect for video applications aswell."


Lastly, she converts the RoadTrip to a monopod.


To read Olivia's full review you can do so here.

The Phoblographer's First Impression

  by Rachel       Category Reviews       Tags the phoblographer, Peter West Carey, MeFOTO RoadTrip

Back in 2012, when MeFOTO was first announced, our friends at The Phoblographer took their 'sexy blue' MeFOTO RoadTrip to Utah's National Parks with them and put it to the test.

One small disclaimer: keep in mind this review was published last year so it refers to the RoadTrip as the Benro MeFOTO Transfunctional Travel Tripod (a lot more of a mouthful). For more info on clearing up the confusion about MeFOTO's model names click here.

Peter Carey at the Phoblographer carries heavier gear and was worried the RoadTrip might not stand up to his standards of solidity, but after hanging his bag with 20lbs of gear from the center column hook it did not budge. "Thus far, the Benro MeFOTO Transfunctional Travel Tripod Kit has met my expectations and exceeded them a little."

©Peter West Carey

©Peter West Carey

©Peter West Carey

To read the full article you can do so here.

MeFOTO Auditions for the World of Crockett

  by M. Gertz       Category Reviews       Tags Review, Will Crockett, Video

Tripod reviews. We’ve all seen them. Well this isn’t just a guy sitting in his living room, folding and unfolding the legs; this is a Will Crockett review. Like all his videos, you know he’s put a lot of real thought and investigation into it. Plus, more tripods should be reviewed by photographers' dogs. Just sayin'.

First off, in case you’re not familiar with him, Will Crockett is a photographer and the man behind Discover Mirrorless and Shoot Smarter. He’s deeply invested in the new mirrorless cameras as professional tools and describes himself as a hybrid photographer, one that shoots both photo and video. He’s looking for a tripod that will fit comfortably inside his camera bag or case, so that he never again has to go out on a job and think, “nuts, I should brought that tripod.”


Does MeFOTO make it into the World of Crockett? I won't make you wait til for the thrilling finale, the answer is yes!

He wraps up by saying:

“They are a terrific tool for photographers who are moving into that world of hybrid. Shooting photo plus video anytime, anywhere means we’re gonna need camera support.”

Watch the full review above for lots more from Will, his assistant Louie, and Mya the dog.