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Randy McKown's Senior Smile: MeFOTO Instagram Weekly Winner

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This week's BackPacker Giveaway winner, Randy McKown, is a successful Senior Portrait and Wedding Photographer in Kansas City. Randy's business, NewImage Photography, specializes in creative images that express the unique personality and style of each of his clients.

"This photo was taken during one of my senior portrait sessions here in the Kansas City area. I love shooting seniors because it’s such a special time for them. A lot of girls spend years looking forward to this moment. So when the time comes, I do what I can to make them feel like a model for the day.

This shot was taken in front of these giant metal doors of a church that’s located in a small religious community called Unity Village, just outside of the city. I love the contrast between the dark doors and her red dress. What makes this picture even more memorable is that this senior was the daughter of our very close friends. This was her special day."  - Randy

Ana Castrillon's Contemplation: MeFOTO Instagram Weekly Winner

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Travel Photography. The words bring to mind images of scenic vistas and people in colorful native costumes. But travel can also provide us with the opportunity to capture unique portraits of our companions. 

Ana Catrillon, our BackPacker Giveaway winner for 1/24/14, tells the story of her winning image:

"This picture means a lot to me for two reasons. Firstly, it's my Dad! Secondly, it's a wonderful reminder of the time we spent together while traveling Europe.

This particular shot was taken while on a train back to Bucharest, Romania. The sunlight was so perfect, and my Dad's face holds so much character that the shot practically took itself; I merely framed it. However, what really made this shot special, is I needed a dark background through the window to clearly see his reflection. By pure serendipity, a train passed by right then, giving me all I needed for this photo, and enough time to take 2 shots!" - Ana


Family Reigns!! Final 2013 MeFOTO Instagram Winners

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As the year drew to a close and people prepared for the holidays, thoughts naturally turned toward family and loved ones. For those with a photographic bent that meant family photos! Our year-end BackPacker Giveaway winners were no exception.

Farhan Khan's Family is Everything

To Farhan Khan there is nothing more important than family. In his winning image for 12/20/13, Family is Everything, Farhan envisions this father, mother, son and daughter caring for each other as they journey through life's phases.

"I couldn't resist clicking this amazing moment" - Farhan


Cong Dinh's Christmas Elf

Cong Dinh, 12/27/13's Giveaway winner, was approached by a co-worker to take some photos of his newborn son for their Christmas card. Looking for images to add to his portfolio, Cong was happy to oblige.

"The photo was taken on top of a coffee table with white stuffing around him. He was crying the whole time, but just for a split second he stopped. That was when I captured this photo." - Cong


Large groups, cranky kids, uptight parents - creating good family portraits can be challenging. Check out Digital Photography School's 10 Tips for Creating Great Family Portraits for ideas to make your family photos shine.

Share with Farhan: Twitter: @khnfrhn Instagram: khnfrhn

Share with Farhan:
Twitter: @khnfrhn
Instagram: khnfrhn

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See more of Cong's work