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MeFOTO #MostColorfulCostume Winner

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Congratulations to Rachel French, winner of the #MostColorfulCostume Photo Giveaway!

Rachel is a Lifestyle photographer and author of the blog, Appreciating the Everyday. The image of her son in his Halloween costume is aptly titled "Mr. Robot-o".

Our judges couldn't resist the happy "uh-oh" expression on this little guy's face hinting at a personality as colorful as his costume.


Rachel's goal in photography is to "capture the beautifully mundane moments of life with my family." You can see more of her work at

Steve Tanzer's "Maleficent Roars": MeFOTO Instagram Weekly Winner

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Count on Disney for fantasy, fun and grand parades! Disney debuted their new Festival of Fantasy Parade in Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom earlier this year and it's a stunner. Featuring fabulous new floats, a winning score broadcast by a world-class sound system and Disney's colorful cast of performers, this parade is a must see!

There is a good mix of modern and classic Disney Characters all brought to life with their own dedicated floats. Among the most impressive is Maleficent, the fire-breathing dragon, who battles Prince Phillip and his Sword of Truth. Here Maleficent is caught mid-roar by last week's SideKick360 winner, Steve Tanzer:

Shot curbside on a Galaxy S4

Shot curbside on a Galaxy S4

Steve travels the world as the owner of Check out his offerings at:

MeFOTO RoadTrip & Tenba Messenger Bag Giveaway!

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Here's one for all you MeFOTO fans who've been asking for another chance to win our popular RoadTrip Tripod!!

In celebration of Halloween, MeFOTO has teamed up with Tenba Bags to host a Most Colorful Costume Photo Giveaway on Instagram. The winner will receive an orange RoadTrip Tripod Kit and matching burnt orange Tenba Messenger Bag.

It's easy to enter:

1. Head on over to Instagram and follow @mefototripods and @tenbabags

2. Upload your costume photo and hashtag it #mostcolorfulcostume

The contest runs from now until November 9th to give you plenty of time to catch all the party action around the big date.**

MeFOTO loves Halloween!!

So creepy. So colorful. So much fun!! Don't miss out. Enter today!

** Photos can be of anyone wearing any colorful costume. They do not need to be of you personally! USA Only!! Winner MUST have a US shipping address.

Shiggy Ichinomiya's "Water Veil": MeFOTO Instagram Weekly Winner

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The "Trash the Dress" trend in Wedding Photography has officially arrived here at MeFOTO. Started about 10 years ago in Las Vegas, the hot trend features photographs of brides ruining their dresses with water, paint, mud and even fire in the most unusual environments for such finery.

The ritual is meant to symbolize the bride's devotion to her new husband as the dress can never be worn again. For many, the images from these irreverent shoots offer not only an unique memory, but also a very personal form of artistic expression. 

Shiggy Ichinomiya, last week's SideKick360 winner, shares his experience in creating this image:

"My friend Lara wanted to do a "Trash the Dress" or "Drown the Gown" Wedding Dress shoot. We decided to do the photo shoot by the beach at sunset. I had the couple lay down on the dry sand. And without telling them that a wave was approaching, I started to shoot three frames. Lara and David did not flinch as they were pounded by the wave. If you look closely, you can see Lara's pink/red toenails and what's amazing is that the water that sprayed over Lara's head created what looks like a "water veil."' - Shiggy

R.J. Owens' "Hail the King": MeFOTO Instagram Weekly Winner

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Disney World's Festival of the Lion King is a rousing musical revue featuring songs from the animated film The Lion King. Broadway quality singing and dance numbers are combined with a circus style show that includes acrobatic monkeys, a fire knife wielding hyena, performers dressed as birds, and an ensemble cast of dancers, stilt walkers and puppeteers. Throw in audience participation and you have something for everyone in this not-to-be-missed Disney experience.

Closed for almost a year, R.J. Owens, our SideKick360 winner for 9/19/14, was able to snap his winning image at the newly reopened show, now in the new Harabe Theater in Animal Kingdom's "Africa".

"While on a family trip to Disney World, I was able to capture some great photos of the Festival of the Lion King performers. This one was by far my favorite, I love the light behind his head." - R.J.

Taken with a Canon 6D and a 70-200 f4L Lens

Taken with a Canon 6D and a 70-200 f4L Lens