Adam Surges' Sunny Heart: MeFOTO Instagram Weekly Winner

Insect eyes, mineral crystals, rain drops - who doesn't love a peek into the miniature worlds that surround us? Macro photography puts us up close and personal with wonders we might otherwise miss. Happily, the advent of digital photography has made macro accessible to virtually all photographers. With an inexpensive Olloclip, I can even shoot macro with my IPhone!

Still, capturing a great macro image is not without it's challenges. Shooting close to your subject means a very narrow area will be clearly in focus (a shallow depth-of field). Compensate for this by closing the aperture to its smallest setting and now you will need more light to get a good exposure. And that's just one consideration. Creating a really satisfying image is often a dance of give and take.

Adam Surges, BackPacker Giveaway winner for 2/7/14, shares his process for creating this winning shot:

"This shot was taken with my Nikon D40 and the kit 18-55mm lens. I had my lens zoomed in to 55mm with the focus manually set to the minimum focusing distance and moved my camera as close as I could to the tulip I was photographing. I had a flash set up just above the flower that I remotely triggered to light up the flower. Because I was so close, I was shooting at f/22 so I would have enough depth of field to get everything in focus." - Adam


Want to try your hand at Macro Photography? Looking for a few tips to get you started? Try these:

Point and Shoot





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