Alexis Behilo's "Stompers' Eye": MeFOTO Instagram Weekly Winner

Feel like you're stuck in a photography rut? Like all your photos are starting to look the same? It happens to us all occasionally, when we reach a certain level of comfort in our craft. Instead of feeling discouraged, shake things up! Try a different point of view. Get up high on a ladder or down low on your belly. If you usually shoot with a wide angle, try a long lens. Prefer color? Challenge yourself to create some black & white images you really love.

This week's SideKick360 winner, Alexis Behilo, provides us with a great example of a familiar subject shot from a fresh perspective. Alexis used a macro lens to zoom in for this unusual image of her pet chicken, Stompers.

Category Bird Photography, Macro Photography, nature photography, Giveaway

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Author Colleen Carlisle-Nicholas.