Ana Castrillon's Contemplation: MeFOTO Instagram Weekly Winner

Travel Photography. The words bring to mind images of scenic vistas and people in colorful native costumes. But travel can also provide us with the opportunity to capture unique portraits of our companions. 

Ana Catrillon, our BackPacker Giveaway winner for 1/24/14, tells the story of her winning image:

"This picture means a lot to me for two reasons. Firstly, it's my Dad! Secondly, it's a wonderful reminder of the time we spent together while traveling Europe.

This particular shot was taken while on a train back to Bucharest, Romania. The sunlight was so perfect, and my Dad's face holds so much character that the shot practically took itself; I merely framed it. However, what really made this shot special, is I needed a dark background through the window to clearly see his reflection. By pure serendipity, a train passed by right then, giving me all I needed for this photo, and enough time to take 2 shots!" - Ana


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Author Colleen Carlisle-Nicholas.