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MeFOTO Makes the Big Time!

  by Colleen Carlisle-Nicholas       Category Events, Videos       Tags Mefoto RoadTrip, MeFOTO on TV, MeFOTO SideKick360, MeFOTO BackPacker, 4 Utah, 4 UTAH Midday

Woo Hoo! MeFOTO was featured on ABC 4 Utah's Midday show in Salt Lake City last week when PictureLine owner, Jens Nielsen, brought the entire MeFOTO line in "Easter" colors for an interview on how to prevent blurry images.

Started as a small one-man photgraphy shop back in 1989, Jens commitment to quality products and honest, courteous service allowed him to grow PictureLine into a top photographic supplier today.

Jens recommended using tripod's in all low light situations as well as for group portraiture and even selfies.

Watch the video to check out Jens tips for choosing the right tripod.

Tripod to Monopod Conversion - Vine Video!

  by Brian       Category Videos       Tags MeFOTO RoadTrip, monopod, tripod, monopod to tripod conversion, Vine

We used Twitter's new 'Vine' app to create a short video on how to convert the MeFOTO RoadTrip from a tripod to a monopod! You can also do this with the MeFOTO GlobeTrotter.

Since Vine's launch, people have been getting uber creative when making their 6-second-or-less videos. Here are a couple of our favorites:

How does ours match up?