Confused About MeFOTO's Tripod Model Names?


Since MeFOTO's official website launch in March of this year we have been hearing a lot of the same questions. "Is the A1350 the same as the RoadTrip?", "If I have a Q0 what does that mean?" and so on. To clear up the confusion, and we're sorry there was confusion in the first place, here's the inside scoop:

MeFOTO was originally part of the brand Benro (another fine tripod company, but more focused on video and mid-level pro gear). As Benro MeFOTO, the BackPacker and RoadTrip models were released last year with names similar to their product, or SKU numbers, the BackPacker being Q0 (short for Q0350) and the RoadTrip being Q1 (short for Q1350). The GlobeTrotter was not around then so we don't have to worry about that but just in case it would be Q2 (short for Q2350). You can figure out what model MeFOTO you have by looking at the number on the tripod leg; it will either say Q0, Q1 or Q2 (see photos above).

Now that we (MeFOTO) are our own brand, (woohoo!!!!) we decided to get creative and give the different models names that more captured their character and jives better with your creative spirit.

So here it is - bringing on the simple and fun!

  • Q0=BackPacker
  • Q1=RoadTrip
  • Q2=GlobeTrotter

Any questions? Drop us a line. We are here for you!

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