Family Reigns!! Final 2013 MeFOTO Instagram Winners

As the year drew to a close and people prepared for the holidays, thoughts naturally turned toward family and loved ones. For those with a photographic bent that meant family photos! Our year-end BackPacker Giveaway winners were no exception.

Farhan Khan's Family is Everything

To Farhan Khan there is nothing more important than family. In his winning image for 12/20/13, Family is Everything, Farhan envisions this father, mother, son and daughter caring for each other as they journey through life's phases.

"I couldn't resist clicking this amazing moment" - Farhan


Cong Dinh's Christmas Elf

Cong Dinh, 12/27/13's Giveaway winner, was approached by a co-worker to take some photos of his newborn son for their Christmas card. Looking for images to add to his portfolio, Cong was happy to oblige.

"The photo was taken on top of a coffee table with white stuffing around him. He was crying the whole time, but just for a split second he stopped. That was when I captured this photo." - Cong


Large groups, cranky kids, uptight parents - creating good family portraits can be challenging. Check out Digital Photography School's 10 Tips for Creating Great Family Portraits for ideas to make your family photos shine.

Share with Farhan: Twitter: @khnfrhn Instagram: khnfrhn

Share with Farhan:
Twitter: @khnfrhn
Instagram: khnfrhn

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See more of Cong's work







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