Introducing...the MeFOTO Lightstand

 © Jason Lanier

Wedding and landscape photographer Jason Lanier  got himself not one, not two, but four MeFOTO  BackPacker and RoadTrip  tripods in blue. Why? To use as light stands!

Jason travels all over the country teaching workshops and needed something to mount his 4 Rotolights to while teaching. Conventional light stands were either too flimsy to be dependable or too heavy to travel well. At WPPI, earlier this year, he came across MeFOTO and that was that.

He writes, “Since WPPI 2013 I've taken the MeFOTO's with me to Miami, West Virginia, Montana, New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, and all over California.  The combination of the MeFOTO's with my Rotolights or an off camera flash with a PocketWizard just can't be beat.”

Check out some of his posts featuring the MeFOTO Lightstand here and here. See more of his work at  

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