MeFOTO Auditions for the World of Crockett

Tripod reviews. We’ve all seen them. Well this isn’t just a guy sitting in his living room, folding and unfolding the legs; this is a Will Crockett review. Like all his videos, you know he’s put a lot of real thought and investigation into it. Plus, more tripods should be reviewed by photographers' dogs. Just sayin'.

First off, in case you’re not familiar with him, Will Crockett is a photographer and the man behind Discover Mirrorless and Shoot Smarter. He’s deeply invested in the new mirrorless cameras as professional tools and describes himself as a hybrid photographer, one that shoots both photo and video. He’s looking for a tripod that will fit comfortably inside his camera bag or case, so that he never again has to go out on a job and think, “nuts, I should brought that tripod.”


Does MeFOTO make it into the World of Crockett? I won't make you wait til for the thrilling finale, the answer is yes!

He wraps up by saying:

“They are a terrific tool for photographers who are moving into that world of hybrid. Shooting photo plus video anytime, anywhere means we’re gonna need camera support.”

Watch the full review above for lots more from Will, his assistant Louie, and Mya the dog.

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