OliviaTech and MeFOTO - Round 2



Olivia gave us her first impressions of the RoadTrip and BackPacker earlier this year but now that we have a carbon fiber edition of the RoadTrip and a whole new model altogether, the GlobeTrotter, we sent her a couple more MeFOTOs to test out: the aluminum GlobeTrotter in black (C2350Q2K) and the carbon fiber RoadTrip in titanium (C1350Q1T). Here's what she had to say:

Olivia came up with three setups to test the capabilities of each model:

For the first, she uses the recessed hook on the center column to attach a 10lb weight and give the GlobeTrotter added stability. The GlobeTrotter successfully supports a slider, monitor, battery pack, camera and lens.


For the second, Olivia pairs an aviator jib with the RoadTrip claiming that although primarily used for photography it is, "perfect for video applications aswell."


Lastly, she converts the RoadTrip to a monopod.


To read Olivia's full review you can do so here.

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