Sami Case's Train: MeFOTO Instagram Giveaway Weekly Winner

©Sami Case

There is something so mesmerizing about this photograph; I want to know the story behind this sweet old man and who he is waiting for with flowers. His solitude combined with the motion of the train make for this week's winner.

"I visited Sydney, Australia for two weeks in December. We went on trains everyday to get around the city. It was a great place for street photography and I had an absolute blast running around taking pictures of the area. Sydney has the nicest train stations I have ever seen too, so taking pictures was very easy. I wanted to get a shot of the trains rushing by, when a man on a platform across from me, sat down to wait for someone. He had a bundle of flowers, and was the perfect subject, didn't move one bit." - Sami

You can see more of Sami's photos on her blog or Flickr.   


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Author Rachel.