Sean Eikman's Keeping Clean: MeFOTO Instagram Weekly Winner

What Sean Eikman, our BackPacker Giveaway winner for 1/17/14, loves most about photography is the opportunity to really notice what is there and to capture that revelation.

"I enjoy photographing animals and plant life to examine the colors and textures that only nature can create." he says.

Sean was certainly successful in capturing the textural details in his winning image of a White Ibis preening. 

"While walking in the Florida woods and wetlands, I keep my camera on Auto. When something happens I might have absolutely no time to do anything but stand where I am and shoot away.

When I saw this Ibis, I at first thought that there was a problem. She appeared to be performing some sort of avian yoga. I then realized that she was expertly using her tools to keep clean. I stood still (shot a few frames on Auto) then changed to Aperture priority, about f8, 1/250. She undoubtedly knew I was watching, so I sat down on the ground to get still (no tripod, darn it). Finally, the  light seemed good and as I was ready to take the photograph, she stood on one leg just to show off.  This bird is so simply complex and beautiful." - Sean



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Author Colleen Carlisle-Nicholas.