The SideKick360 Plus: Our Popular Smartphone Adapter - SuperSized!!


Hey, out there... are ya'll lovin' your supersized phones? I know here at MeFOTO headquarters, we don't know how we ever lived without them.

Well, if you missed the good news or just never got the word, MeFOTO now has a version of the popular SideKick360 especially for photography-loving owners of plus-size phones in the 76–91mm range. (That's you iPhone 6 Plus and SamSung Galaxy Note owners!)

Never thought about a smartphone adapter before? Consider:

What’s your favorite photography centric app, Instagram? Snapchat? Vine?
Whatever your choice may be, chances are the SideKick360/360 Plus is as essential as the filter you throw on that hilariously embarrassing photo of your friend tossing back a few too many on Saturday night.

Having a good hair day? This adapter is perfect for selfies upon selfies, and with a 360 degree rotating ball head, it’s as flexible as those yoga pants that make your outfit worth taking a picture of.

If time-lapse and video are more your flavor, we can promise you stability and solid support to keep your smartphone right where you need it.

The best part? The SideKick360 Plus comes in 12 colors so you can match your MeFOTO tripod.

Now, in celebration of this glorious spring day, we invite you take a minute and join us for some SideKick360 fun:

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