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Year of the Toy

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© David Puffer

Get ready. This one’s epic.

David Puffer was a professional portrait photographer working out of Salt Lake City until one day a bad car accident left him seriously injured. After that, he found it difficult to walk and carry all his heavy camera gear. He ended up selling most of it to pay the bills and photography took a backseat in his life.

That is, until last year. After seeing an ad for mirrorless cameras, David couldn’t resist the siren’s call and bought himself an Olympus OMD E-M5. Finding himself newly inspired, David has tackled a new photography project every year, going from taking just a few shots a week to thousands. 2013 was declared to be the Year of the Toy.

That’s when David met MeFOTO. He says, “the last of my big equipment was my tripod, and when I saw the MeFOTO pod, and tested it, it was love at first sight, I have no regrets.” He’s got the MeFOTO RoadTrip in metallic purple, to match his purple Tenba Messenger camera bag.

© David Puffer

Looking to the future, David hopes to start bringing in paying gigs once again, although he is fully enjoying shooting for himself and plans to put his toy photos together into a book.

We’re only 4 months into 2013 and David’s already posted a ton of work on his blog, Puffer Photography. This dude has some seriously awesome toys. He’s got superheroes, super villains, 11 different Dr. Who’s (and the Tardis), and fighting robots galore, all arranged in various silly and/or super dramatic scenes. I picked out a couple of my favorites to post here, check out the blog to see the rest!

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