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R.J. Owens' "Hail the King": MeFOTO Instagram Weekly Winner

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Disney World's Festival of the Lion King is a rousing musical revue featuring songs from the animated film The Lion King. Broadway quality singing and dance numbers are combined with a circus style show that includes acrobatic monkeys, a fire knife wielding hyena, performers dressed as birds, and an ensemble cast of dancers, stilt walkers and puppeteers. Throw in audience participation and you have something for everyone in this not-to-be-missed Disney experience.

Closed for almost a year, R.J. Owens, our SideKick360 winner for 9/19/14, was able to snap his winning image at the newly reopened show, now in the new Harabe Theater in Animal Kingdom's "Africa".

"While on a family trip to Disney World, I was able to capture some great photos of the Festival of the Lion King performers. This one was by far my favorite, I love the light behind his head." - R.J.

Taken with a Canon 6D and a 70-200 f4L Lens

Taken with a Canon 6D and a 70-200 f4L Lens