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Aaron Rich's Fireworks: MeFOTO Instagram Giveaway Weekly Winner

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Our 10/4/13 weekly BackPacker winner's photo was actually achieved with a BackPacker! 

 ©Aaron Rich

"Photo was taken at the end of summer fireworks and fountain show at Versailles. They only do the shows on Saturday nights and my girlfriend and I were lucky enough to be there for the last one of the year. All of the fountains are illuminated and they sync the fireworks to opera music. It's an awesome event that people should go to if they're there during the summer months.

The only issue is they don't allow tripods. I had to be a little careful trying to get the fireworks shots but the BackPacker solved to problem perfectly. It was small enough to fit in back and not be noticed at all. When the fireworks started I had it at shortest possible setting with one leg locked straight in front of me and sitting on other. The camera ended up right below eye level so security didn't notice it and it stable enough to get the long exposure shots." - Aaron

Shot with a Canon 60D @ 35mm F/8.0 8s @ ISO 100. Used wired shutter release in Bulb mode. Post edits were: Crop, sharpen and auto tone in Lightroom 4.