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Converting Your MeFOTO Tripod into a Monopod

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In our opinion, one of the RoadTrip and GlobeTrotter's best (of many) features is its ability to be converted into a monopod. When you purchase either model, you're pretty much buying two products for the price of one. ..not a bad deal at all.

Thanks to our genius product designers, converting the tripod to a monopod (without tools mind you) is as easy as it gets. But just in case you have questions on how to do it, here is a quick and detailed guide. If there's anything you believe we've missed or would like clarification on, drop us a line in the comments section below.

 **Please note, not all MeFOTO tripods convert to monopods, only the GlobeTrotter and RoadTrip.


Here is the GlobeTrotter in tripod format. You can convert both the GlobeTrotter and RoadTrip into monopods. 

Begin by grabbing the tripod leg with the foam grip and rotate it to the left to loosen it. You will notice the digram at the top letting you know which direction to turn the leg in to loosen or tighten it.

Unscrew the tripod leg all the way.

Now that you have completely detached the leg, put it down and save it for later. This is the first piece of the monopod.

Next you need to remove the center column. This is going to be the second piece of the monopod. Begin by unscrewing the recessed hook knob on the center column.

Unscrew the recessed hook knob completely. Save the knob in a safe place since you will need it once you put the tripod back together.

Loosen the knob on the center column.

Slide the center column out. This is the top part of your monopod.

Here is what the GlobeTrotter looks like disassembled.

Take the foam tripod leg and center column with ball head attached. These are the two pieces you will screw together to make the monopod.

Screw the tripod leg into the center colum.

Congrats! You now have a fully functional monopod!

Everything You Need to Know About the GlobeTrotter

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We've been getting some feedback that a lot of you aren't 100% sure what all the knobs do on your MeFOTOs. Here's a quick guide to help all you GlobeTrotter owners understand what your tripod can do and how.  

#1 is the Tilt/Lock Adjustment Knob. This will loosen the ballhead up top so you can shift your camera around to the position you want and lock it. This is also how you can put your camera in vertical mode, when you push the ballhead into the groove on the side. Remember you need to tighten it afterwards so it stays in place.

#2 is called the Panning Knob. It is the smallest knob on the side and when you loosen it, you can easily 'pan' the ballhead right and left in a horizontal movement. This comes in handy if you're taking panorama shots or shooting video and tracking a subject.

#3 is the Quick Release (QR) Plate knob. Loosening this allows you to remove or tighten the QR plate on which you put your camera. 

#4 is called a Drag Adjustment Knob (only available on the RoadTrip and GlobeTrotter). It adds tension to the ballhead so if you have a really heavy camera on your tripod it won't flop over or anything when you losen the drag adjustment knob. This allows you to make smaller adjustments on the ballhead.

The GlobeTrotter has removable rubber feet that you can unscrew. 

Included in every GlobeTrotter kit are spiked feet. Once you unscrew the rubber foot, you can then screw in the spiked ones. 

Spiked feet are helpful when shooting on uneven terrain or when it's windy outside and you need added stability.

Loosen the center column knob to adjust the height of the center column on the GlobeTrotter.

The GlobeTrotter is able to reverse its center column. For a detailed explanation on how to do this, click here

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