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Aaron Rich's Fireworks: MeFOTO Instagram Giveaway Weekly Winner

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Our 10/4/13 weekly BackPacker winner's photo was actually achieved with a BackPacker! 

 ©Aaron Rich

"Photo was taken at the end of summer fireworks and fountain show at Versailles. They only do the shows on Saturday nights and my girlfriend and I were lucky enough to be there for the last one of the year. All of the fountains are illuminated and they sync the fireworks to opera music. It's an awesome event that people should go to if they're there during the summer months.

The only issue is they don't allow tripods. I had to be a little careful trying to get the fireworks shots but the BackPacker solved to problem perfectly. It was small enough to fit in back and not be noticed at all. When the fireworks started I had it at shortest possible setting with one leg locked straight in front of me and sitting on other. The camera ended up right below eye level so security didn't notice it and it stable enough to get the long exposure shots." - Aaron

Shot with a Canon 60D @ 35mm F/8.0 8s @ ISO 100. Used wired shutter release in Bulb mode. Post edits were: Crop, sharpen and auto tone in Lightroom 4.


Sean Sweeny's Waterfall: MeFOTO Instagram Giveaway Weekly Winner

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McWay Waterfall Trail in Big Sur, CA is a sight not to miss when traveling along. This short yet sweet trail ends with the 80 foot falls cascading onto the sandy shore. For years the waterfall poured directly into the ocean until a massive fire, landslide and highway reconstruction project near the area in 1983-84  filled the cove with enough material to form  a sandy beach several dozen feet out. 

Sean Sweeny captured the McWay Falls with this 5 second exposure using a Nikon D600 and 24-700mm lens at ISO 50 and F11. 

 ©Sean Sweeny

Thom Barbour's Moon Man: MeFOTO Instagram Giveaway Weekly Winner

  by Rachel       Category Giveaway       Tags Thom Barbour, Instagram, hot air balloon, moon man, Balloon Fiesta, Alburquerque

The Alburquergue International Balloon Fiesta is held in October of every year. It is the biggest hot air balloon festival in the world with an average of 750 hot air balloons present. Our winner, Thom Barbour, shot this photo at last year's event.

 ©Thom Barbour

"The hot air balloon image was taken at the annual Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque, NM, held the first week of October every year. I spent two days there and after the first day activities were cancelled due to weather. I got this shot on day two. The image was shot from the ground, but everything aligned in such a way to produce a composition that feels like the viewer is soaring silently above the clouds with the other balloons." -Thom


Visit Thom's website for more of his work.  

Stickygram Your Instagrams

  by Rachel       Category Tidbits, Fun       Tags Stickygram, Instagram, magnets, gift ideas

Here at MeFOTO we loooooove Instagram! So much so we even built it into our Giveaway. But your Instagram photos don't only have to live in your smartphone and on your social networks... 


With Stickygram, you can now print your Instagrams as magnets to decorate your fridge, cubicle, car, what have you!  Visit to start selecting your digital to magnet images. Each sheet of 9 photographs is only $14.99 which includes shipping!


Use code: FRIENDMS7H to receive $2 off! 


It's easy to do too (see Vine video below). Basically connect Instagram to your Stickygram account and all your photos automatically load for you to choose from. Once all 9 are selected, head over to the check out and your work is done. 

These make a unique and fun gift for all your photo-loving friends. 

Mike Eddy's American Toad: MeFOTO Instagram Giveaway Weekly Winner

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In celebration of the 4th of July, Mike Eddy's superbly slimy photograph of the American Toad is our weekly winner. 

 ©Mike Eddy

If you're not familiar with this species, American Toads are renowned for one of the most notable toad calls. They give off long trill sounds lasting between 4 and 20 seconds, but can last up to 40 seconds. And if you thought a pet dog was a commitment, these little guys are capable of living up to 40 years! 

Mike says, "This photo of an American Toad was taken at Narragansett Trail in North Stonington CT.  I was on a hike when this little guy hopped out in front of me.  It was still early in the summer and this guy was just a juvenile. The picture was taken with Canon 17-85mm lens at f/6.  After posing for me to snap a few photos he went right on his merry way." 



To find out more on our BackPacker giveaway and how you can enter, visit our Win! page.