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Jiri Siftar's "Italian Vibe": MeFOTO Instagram Weekly Winner

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Ah...Italy. A big thanks to Jiri Siftar, our SideKick360 winner from 8/26, for sharing this excellent example of selective focus and the creative use of depth-of-field.

Sound complicated? It's really just a matter of deciding what you want to emphasize in your photo and placing the focus point there. Next, choose an f-stop (aperture) that will narrow the depth-of-field so that point is in focus while the foreground and background become blurred.

Wider apertures (lower f-stop numbers like f/2.8) will give you a narrower depth of field while narrower apertures (higher f-stop numbers like f/16) will allow more of your image to appear in focus. Want more in-depth info?  Check out this how-to from Jason Little at Light Stalking.

"I had only about a 3 hour layover in Bergamo on my way from London to Pescara. I quickly jumped on a bus going to the old city and was very happy to find "classic" Italian beauty all around. When I spotted this street, I loved the light and atmosphere. When I came closer, I found this cute little Vespa complementing the color palette and the Italian vibe just perfectly." - Jiri

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