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Joshua Hanna's Determination: MeFOTO Instagram Weekly Winner

  by Colleen Carlisle-Nicholas       Category Giveaway, Portrait Photography       Tags Joshua Hanna, MeFOTO Giveaway, Instagram giveaway, high school senior portraits

Creative, gritty, glamorous, fun! High school seniors are embracing a whole new style of senior portrait. Gone are the days of one or two poses against a single backdrop. Today's seniors are looking for portraits that showcase their personal sense of style. 

Joshua Hanna's winning image for this week was shot as part of a high school senior sports session.  For this particular image, Joshua used a three light setup - two small strip boxes behind and to the sides of the subject and one light in an octa box in front of the subject.

Once preliminary adjustments had been made in camera RAW, the image was imported into Photoshop for post-processing to create the edgy, magazine style look of the finished portrait.

We asked Josh to share his process with us: 

"After importing into Photoshop, I performed some general skin retouching as well as added a couple of dodge and burn layers using Curve Adjustments to enhance the shadow and highlight areas. Next, I selected out the subject to add to a new layer. This allowed me to put some light flare behind the subject to allow him to stand off of the background a little better. Having the subject on his own layer also allowed me to layer some fog, using a custom brush, behind and then in front of the subject for a little more depth. I finished up the image by doing some color grading using Curves Adjustments by adding some blue/green to the shadows and yellow tones to the highlights. Then topped everything off with some High Pass sharpening."  - Josh


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More details on creating gritty effects - Try it yourself