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Kyle Wells' Open Road: MeFOTO Instagram Giveaway Weekly Winner

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Little Moab is an outdoor playground if you're into rock crawling, dirt biking, ATV-ing, pretty much anything extreme on wheels. Situated near Utah Lake, you can find the exact GPS coordinates here. Our week's winner, Kyle Wells, frequents the destination to shoot the activities.

"We had been out shooting a pre-runner truck all morning in an area known as "Little Moab" to local wheelers. It was mid day we were done with the shoot so I had all my gear packed up and stowed away. After pulling out onto the highway and seeing the gorgeous view we immediately pulled back off the highway and dug out the gear. Lucked out with this mid day shot. The clouds broke up the light enough to make things interesting and I was able to come away with this bonus image." -Kyle

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©Kyle Wells

©Kyle Wells