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Laura Killian's Pregnancy Glow: MeFOTO Instagram Weekly Winner

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 ©Laura Killian

Maternity photography is an ever-growing field in the photo industry and photographers are always looking for new ways to differentiate their pregnancy photographs. Laura Killian's photograph of mother-to-be, Grace, was simple yet so effective. We love the rainbow of color (literally) amid the neutral tones of the sand and skin. Well done! 

"This image is from a recent maternity photo shoot I did in Orange Beach, AL. I had the idea in my head days before, but needed a very specific location to make it work. I tracked down a vacant beach house that had a back porch high enough off the ground to get the shot I wanted. I set up the scene down below, then ran upstairs to take the photo from over the ledge of the deck. It's always an amazing feeling to get the exact shot you envisioned." -Laura

Camera: Canon 6D

Lens: Canon EF24-105mm f/4L, this photo was shot at 24mm at f/4

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