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5 Awesome Last Minute Gifts for Photographers

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It's not too late!! For those who may have left holiday shopping to the last minute (ahem), here are 5 unique gift ideas for the photographer on your list:

1. Mobile Light Kit

For the iphoneographer who's ready to take their photography to the next level, PhotoJoJo's put together a tiny, but mighty Mobile Light Kit. Loaded with a Pocket Spotlight, Pocket Reflector, and Rainbow Filter Set, the kit pulls together everything needed to extend a shooting day, even out harsh shadows and correct skin tones. Even if your receipient of choice knows nothing about lighting, the included Guide to Photo EnLIGHTenment points the way with whimsical illustrations and clear step-by-step instructions.

2. Wild Blue Yonder Circular Polarizing Filter

Ever rock a pair of polarized shades and stand in awe of the deep blue skies and saturated colors? That's what Wild Blue Yonder is all about. Added to their favorite lens, this multi-coated filter gives an outdoor photographer creative control of the light, contrast and reflections from things like glass and water. Available in 8 sizes and 5 colors, MeFOTO has created a filter that fits both camera lens and personal style!

3. Lensbaby Sweet Spot Phone Lens

Have a photo-snapping, drama-loving, on-the-go BFF on your list? Help her (or him!) add some drama to their shots with the LM-10 Sweet Spot Lens for Mobile. The newest lens from the imaginative folks at Lensbaby lets anyone create artsy images with a "sweet spot" of focus surrounded by blur. Use the Lensbaby app to move the point of focus or change lighting to create uniquely beautiful images. Take advantage of the second metal ring to stack other phone lenses (telephoto, fisheye) onto the end for even more dramatic effects!

4. SideKick360 SmartPhone Adapter

Timelapse, slow-mo, panaromas, night photography - the current crop of smartphone cameras has some amazing capabilities when it comes to capturing the world in photos and video. Ironically, the key to creating the best images using any of these high tech processes still comes down to one decidedly low-tech factor - stability. That phone needs to be on a tripod and locked down! Cue the SideKick360 SmartPhone Adapter. With an Arca Swiss style base built-in, the SideKick360 can stand alone or easily mount to virtually any tripod. It's rotating 360° ball joint quickly switches from vertical to horizontal and locks in any position making it ideal for capturing both photo and video. Plus, it's available in 12 colors so choosing your pal's favorite should be a snap!

5. SpiderPro Single Camera System

For anyone who carries their camera for hours at a time (or ever dreamed of carrying an "Old West" six-gun!), the SpiderPro Single Camera System is a great find. With its all-metal construction, the SpiderPro was designed for the sport, action, event and wedding pro-shooter as a quick-draw, comfortable no straps and no-nonsense camera carrying tool. The SpiderPro Camera Holster is designed to take the weight of pro gear away from the upper body and put it at the waist - the most ergonomic place to carry heavy gear. Personally, I love that I can carry my camera at-the-ready all day and not end up with sore shoulders that night!

So there you have it. Five awesome products for your best photo shooting pals. What are you waiting for? Order today and some stores are still offering free shipping!!

The MeFOTO DayTrip + Lensbaby Giveaway

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We've paired up with our friends at Lensbaby to bring you a fantastic giveaway to bring in the end-of-summer/beginning-of-fall season!  For two weeks you can enter to win MeFOTO's newest tripod, the DayTrip, in the color of your choice, paired with Lensbaby's latest lens, the Spark! You can enter the giveaway between now and October 4 and we will announce a winner on Monday, October 7.

Lensbaby's Spark Lens lets you control how much blur you would like in your photos and where. With a focal length of 50mm and focusing range of 13" to infinity you have a wide range of creative options when it comes to shooting. Simply move the adjustable lens in the direction you please to get the desired blur and squeeze/loosen the lens towards or away from you to focus. See the photos below for some examples on how you can use the Spark to enhance the vision for your photos. 


Four Seasons exhibit, NYC Botanical Gardens

5Pointz, LIC

Putting the Spark lens together with our MeFOTO DayTrip allows you to stabilize your camera when squeezing the lens to get the correct amount of blur and focus.

A tripod also comes in handy when it comes to longer exposures, macro photography and self-timed photos.

Both are excellent additions to any camera bag and now you have the opportunity to win them both! 

**All the photos included in this blog post were taken with the Spark lens. 

Lensbaby has a few more artistic lenses including the Composer Pro which you can read about here.  

Antelope Island, Utah

Antelope Island, Utah

Sunflowers in Utah