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How’s Your BackPacker, Matthew Stoeckle?

  by M. Gertz       Category Giveaway       Tags Matthew Stoeckle, MeFOTO RoadTrip, giveaway, Mirrorless

 ©  Matthew Stoeckle

Matthew Stoeckle won our BackPacker giveaway back in March with a photo of his daughter Chloe. How’s he getting along with his new MeFOTO BackPacker in titanium? Glad you asked!

“My MeFOTO tripod is treating me well,” he writes, “ and living up to it’s BackPacker name.  It is durable, sturdy, and comes out on top in most situations.” Matthew has been using it with his Olympus OM-D mirrorless system and has found that the tripod travels easily wherever his camera goes. He’s found a way to attach his tablet as well - bonus points! He looks forward to upgrading to a RoadTrip  or GlobeTrotter sometime in the future.

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