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MeFOTO, FUJIFILM, and Tenba Giveaway

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Upon popular demand, we’re excited to announce another giveaway but this time, we’re teaming up with FUJIFILM and Tenba. One lucky winner will receive a kit that includes: a MeFOTO DayTrip Tripod, a FUJIFILM INSTAX 90 camera, a pack of INSTAX mini film, and one Tenba Messenger DNA bag to hold all of these goodies.

What’s it take to enter? It’s as simple as joining our mailing list. You may receive additional entries for a “Like” on Facebook and a “Follow” on Twitter for MeFOTO, FUJIFILM, and Tenba. The links are provided below for each page.

Enter using the widget below. Good luck! We’re rooting for you.  


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MeFOTO & olloclip Gold Giveaway

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We’re excited to announce that we’re teaming up with olloclip and giving away a gold mobile photography kit that includes:  one olloclip 4-IN-1 Lens System, a SideKick360, and a RoadTrip Travel Tripod.

What’s it take to enter?  It’s as simple as joining our mailing list and giving olloclip a "Like" on Facebook.  You may receive additional entries for a “Like” on Facebook for MeFOTO and a “Follow” on Twitter for both MeFOTO and olloclip.  Hurry! Starts 2/17 and ends 2/23. 

Good luck!  We’re rooting for you.  After all, who said you had to be in the Olympics to win the gold?

Steve Huff Gives MeFOTO a Thumbs Up!

  by Domenick Delfino       Category Reviews, Giveaway, Featured Photographer       Tags MeFOTO, DayTrip, MeFOTO DayTrip, MeFOTO Backpacker, RoadTrip, MeFOTO RoadTrip, Steve Huff, giveaway, tripod, photography, Review, MeFOTO Giveaway, MeFoto review Steve Huff Gives MeFOTO a Thumbs Up!

Over the past couple of months, Steve Huff has reviewed the MeFOTO DayTrip, BackPacker, and RoadTrip.  Despite openly admitting that he is not generally a huge fan of tripods for his photography due to the hassle of lugging them around, he loved ours!

Steve instantly fell in love the with MeFOTO DayTrip upon his first encounter and immediately wanted to learn more about these “small and tiny wonders” as he liked to call them.  But, what caused this immediate attraction?  He fell for the design, colors, and “teeny” size/ease of use.  The size of the DayTrip allows you to take it with you anywhere you go.  For more product specifications, please click here.


Overall, Steve thought all three tripods are very nice, very well made, and VERY affordable tripods that are designed extremely well, lightweight, easy to carry, and easy to work with.  He highly recommends them.

Don’t forget to participate in the Steve's MeFOTO Tripod giveaway.  Read to the end of Steve's review for a chance to win a MeFOTO DayTrip.


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