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MaryAnne Nelson's Wild West: MeFOTO Instagram Weekly Winner

  by Colleen Carlisle-Nicholas       Category Family Photography, Giveaway, Travel Photography, Sports photography       Tags skijoring, Instagram giveaway, MeFOTO Backpacker, MeFOTO Giveaway

YeeHaw! The Wild West is still alive in Silverton, Colorado! Final BackPacker Giveaway winner, MaryAnne Nelson, had a blast snapping the fun during the Fifth Annual Silverton Skijoring Festival.

The sport of skijoring began several hundred years ago in Scandinavian countries as a way to travel during the long winters. Today, skijoring competitions are currently taking place in 5 states in the USA and in several countries worldwide. 

"Skijoring is a great spectator sport with horses running full speed down the street and skiers hanging on for their lives behind the horse. The big challenge for the skier is to grab rings on the course, jump over the jumps, and go through the obstacles while still hanging on behind a horse going all out. You never get bored watching!" - MaryAnne

DSC_9704 skijoring warm up resize.jpg
Ready, set, go!

Ready, set, go!

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Jeffery Edwards' Firemen: MeFOTO Instagram Weekly Winner

  by Colleen Carlisle-Nicholas       Category Photojournalism, Giveaway       Tags Instagram giveaway, MeFOTO Backpacker, MeFOTO Giveaway, fire, firefighters, fire fighting

Dramatic images. We love them! Capturing successful dramatic images is often a synergy of the right opportunity and being prepared with the right equipment. Jeffery Edwards, last week's BackPacker winner, experienced this when a nearby natural gas line ruptured and ignited:

"The fire was on a main road just outside of my neighborhood. I was coming home from work when it happened. I parked at my house, grabbed my equipment bag and ran to the fire.

This photo was taken with an Canon EOS 70D; 70-200 f2.8L lens; settings 1/2000 @ f3.5 ISO 100.

The telephoto lens was a purchase from just a couple of days prior and this was really my first opportunity to use it." Jeffery


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Randy McKown's Senior Smile: MeFOTO Instagram Weekly Winner

  by Colleen Carlisle-Nicholas       Category Portrait Photography, Family Photography, Giveaway       Tags high school senior portraits, MeFOTO Giveaway, MeFOTO Backpacker, Instagram giveaway

This week's BackPacker Giveaway winner, Randy McKown, is a successful Senior Portrait and Wedding Photographer in Kansas City. Randy's business, NewImage Photography, specializes in creative images that express the unique personality and style of each of his clients.

"This photo was taken during one of my senior portrait sessions here in the Kansas City area. I love shooting seniors because it’s such a special time for them. A lot of girls spend years looking forward to this moment. So when the time comes, I do what I can to make them feel like a model for the day.

This shot was taken in front of these giant metal doors of a church that’s located in a small religious community called Unity Village, just outside of the city. I love the contrast between the dark doors and her red dress. What makes this picture even more memorable is that this senior was the daughter of our very close friends. This was her special day."  - Randy

Ana Castrillon's Contemplation: MeFOTO Instagram Weekly Winner

  by Colleen Carlisle-Nicholas       Category Travel Photography, Portrait, Family Photography, Giveaway       Tags Travel photography, portrait, MeFOTO Giveaway, MeFOTO Backpacker

Travel Photography. The words bring to mind images of scenic vistas and people in colorful native costumes. But travel can also provide us with the opportunity to capture unique portraits of our companions. 

Ana Catrillon, our BackPacker Giveaway winner for 1/24/14, tells the story of her winning image:

"This picture means a lot to me for two reasons. Firstly, it's my Dad! Secondly, it's a wonderful reminder of the time we spent together while traveling Europe.

This particular shot was taken while on a train back to Bucharest, Romania. The sunlight was so perfect, and my Dad's face holds so much character that the shot practically took itself; I merely framed it. However, what really made this shot special, is I needed a dark background through the window to clearly see his reflection. By pure serendipity, a train passed by right then, giving me all I needed for this photo, and enough time to take 2 shots!" - Ana


Sean Eikman's Keeping Clean: MeFOTO Instagram Weekly Winner

  by Colleen Carlisle-Nicholas       Category Giveaway, Travel Photography, Bird Photography       Tags MeFOTO Giveaway, MeFOTO Backpacker

What Sean Eikman, our BackPacker Giveaway winner for 1/17/14, loves most about photography is the opportunity to really notice what is there and to capture that revelation.

"I enjoy photographing animals and plant life to examine the colors and textures that only nature can create." he says.

Sean was certainly successful in capturing the textural details in his winning image of a White Ibis preening. 

"While walking in the Florida woods and wetlands, I keep my camera on Auto. When something happens I might have absolutely no time to do anything but stand where I am and shoot away.

When I saw this Ibis, I at first thought that there was a problem. She appeared to be performing some sort of avian yoga. I then realized that she was expertly using her tools to keep clean. I stood still (shot a few frames on Auto) then changed to Aperture priority, about f8, 1/250. She undoubtedly knew I was watching, so I sat down on the ground to get still (no tripod, darn it). Finally, the  light seemed good and as I was ready to take the photograph, she stood on one leg just to show off.  This bird is so simply complex and beautiful." - Sean



Care to try your hand at photographing birds? Here are some tips to get you started!