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Kirk Ragoonath's "Gator": MeFOTO Instagram Weekly Winner

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Stretching from just south of Orlando all the way to Florida Bay, the Florida Everglades is a tropical wetlands covering more than 734 square miles. Kirk Rangoonath, our SideKick360 winner for 11/14/14, has spent years capturing the beauty of this unique ecosystem.

"If you ever get to visit the Florida Everglades, the first thing you will probably notice is the abundance of American Alligators. I have taken quite a few alligator pics over the years, but I really liked how this image turned out with the lack of wind and low light conditions. I usually shoot in direct sunlight, so I really wasn't sure how the image would come out. In this case, it seems to have worked out well. Learning everyday with every shot! This image was taken in Big Cypress National Preserve on a beautiful late afternoon." - Kirk

See more of Kirk's work at

MeFOTO RoadTrip & Tenba Messenger Bag Giveaway!

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Here's one for all you MeFOTO fans who've been asking for another chance to win our popular RoadTrip Tripod!!

In celebration of Halloween, MeFOTO has teamed up with Tenba Bags to host a Most Colorful Costume Photo Giveaway on Instagram. The winner will receive an orange RoadTrip Tripod Kit and matching burnt orange Tenba Messenger Bag.

It's easy to enter:

1. Head on over to Instagram and follow @mefototripods and @tenbabags

2. Upload your costume photo and hashtag it #mostcolorfulcostume

The contest runs from now until November 9th to give you plenty of time to catch all the party action around the big date.**

MeFOTO loves Halloween!!

So creepy. So colorful. So much fun!! Don't miss out. Enter today!

** Photos can be of anyone wearing any colorful costume. They do not need to be of you personally! USA Only!! Winner MUST have a US shipping address.

Jesse Chinchar's "Leap": MeFOTO Instagram Weekly Winner

  by Colleen Carlisle-Nicholas       Category Adventure Photography, Giveaway, Travel Photography       Tags MeFOTO Giveaway, sidekick360, Instagram giveaway, MeFOTO Instagram Giveaway, Lion's Head, Cape town, South Africa

It's not necessary to travel to exotic locations to capture rewarding images, but it sure can be fun! SideKick360 winner, Jesse Chinchar, brings us this amusing vacation momento all the way from South Africa.

"In Cape Town, South Africa, it's often nothing but clouds and rain, but today the sun came out, so I ventured up Lion's Head mountain where I took this shot. In the background, you see two mountain ranges: the famous Table Mountain to the left and the Twelve Apostles to the right. From the top of this mountain, you can see beautiful views 360 degrees around. It's one of the many places that make this city so beautiful.

In order to get this shot, I set my camera on a timer and jumped off the rock you see behind me.... It took far too many shots to get it right, including putting on my sunglasses so it didn't matter that I kept closing my eyes!  But I liked the result!" - Jesse

Share with Jesse on Instagram: @Chinchindirty18

Misha Z's Kim: MeFOTO Instagram Weekly Winner

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When professional model Kimberly Matte asked Misha Zagorac to take a few photos of her niece, he didn't know he would be treated to an impromptu modeling lesson. As she was showing her niece some choice moves, Misha snapped this image and won the SideKick360 Weekly Giveaway for May 2nd.