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Candice Montgomery's "Metro": MeFOTO Instagram Weekly Winner

  by Colleen Carlisle-Nicholas       Category Giveaway, HDR Photography, Travel Photography       Tags MeFOTO Giveaway, Instagram giveaway, sidekick360, Hollywood/Highland Station, Metro stations

Opportunities for creating interesting images surround us. By changing our perspective, we can find interesting subjects even on our daily comunte. SideKick360 winner, Candice Montgomery, shows us the way:

"This was shot in the Hollywood/Highland Metro Red Line subway station, located in the heart of Hollywood, CA at the intersection of Hollywood Blvd. and Highland Avenue, on the level just above the train platform. Many of the Metro stations have very interesting and highly photogenic decor and are fun to shoot photos in, but the Hollywood/Highland station is my favorite. I will stop there almost every time I ride the subway to take photos because I love the symmetry, and being inside the station is like being in the belly of a great mechanical beast. This shot is a 5 exposure HDR taken a few minutes after the subway train had pulled out, so the normally busy platform was empty." - Candice

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