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Nicolesy's DayTrip: Not Just Cutesy

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Our friend Nicole Young, founder of Nicolesy, a quirky and quaint website where Nicole shares her photography knowlege as well as sells post-processing tools & her eBooks. Nicole also publishes frequently in her blog and just posted a review of a DayTrip we sent out to her. 

Nicole says: 

If you’re looking for a very small, simple and compact tripod to use on short day trips, or just something to have in your car or luggage “just in case” you happen to need a tripod, then this is a great option for you. I’ve been carrying this around in my car for those moments I have a camera (most likely my Fuji x100s) and happen to come across something that requires a tripod. It’s a good tripod to stick in your bag/backpack/purse/diaper bag and carry with you everywhere you and your camera will go. 

To read the entire review you can here.