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Darwyn Dave's "Hometown Homage": MeFOTO Instagram Weekly Winner

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Looking for a new challenge? A little creative jump start? Try creating some double exposure images. These wonderful, often surreal photos offer a unique way to express a mood, feeling or idea that might be difficult to illustrate with a single image.

Love post-production? Can't get enough Photoshop? Check out this video on How to Make a Double Exposure in Photoshop.

If digital special effects are not really your thing, try this tutorial on How To Shoot an In-Camera Double Exposure Photo.

Kudos to Darwyn M. Dave, last week's SideKick360 Winner, for his creative use of double exposure:

"This image was inspired by the phrase "It ain't where you're from, it's where you're at..." from the rap song, "I Know You Got Soul" by Eric B and Rakim. I'm originally from St. Louis, MO, but now reside in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. I wanted to do a sort of play on words, but at the same time, pay homage to my hometown. The image is a double exposure of the Gateway Arch and Old Courthouse superimposed inside of an image of myself." - Darwyn

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