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The Phoblographer's First Impression

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Back in 2012, when MeFOTO was first announced, our friends at The Phoblographer took their 'sexy blue' MeFOTO RoadTrip to Utah's National Parks with them and put it to the test.

One small disclaimer: keep in mind this review was published last year so it refers to the RoadTrip as the Benro MeFOTO Transfunctional Travel Tripod (a lot more of a mouthful). For more info on clearing up the confusion about MeFOTO's model names click here.

Peter Carey at the Phoblographer carries heavier gear and was worried the RoadTrip might not stand up to his standards of solidity, but after hanging his bag with 20lbs of gear from the center column hook it did not budge. "Thus far, the Benro MeFOTO Transfunctional Travel Tripod Kit has met my expectations and exceeded them a little."

©Peter West Carey

©Peter West Carey

©Peter West Carey

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