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Chris Frailey's Supermoon: MeFOTO Instagram Giveaway Weekly Winner

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 ©Chris Frailey

This previous Sunday marked a special event for the astrologers and astronomers out there: Supermoon 2013, the largest full moon of the year. A Supermoon is the result of the moon reaching the point in its orbit that is closest to earth. Photographer Chris Frailey captured this super shot of Supermoon 2013 which is this week's winner.

"This shot of the Supermoon was taken with a Canon 5DM2 and a Canon 400mm lens. I had struck out on Saturday night  and ventured back on Sunday, the night of the actual Supermoon. I decided to go to the Superstition Mountains which are about 40 miles east of Phoenix AZ. I waited just as the moon settled in the saddle of the rocks and grabbed my frames. Using the crop tool in Lightroom I was able to bring this image to life, It is a single shot with all editing done in Lightroom." - Chris


Chris's work can be seen on his blog which includes more Supermoon shots.


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