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Jake Kurdsjuk on the Open Road

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 © Jake Kurdsjuk

Inspired by his photojournalist brother and his father’s prized Pentax and ubiquitous family slideshows, Jake Kurdsjuk... avoided photography at all costs! Anything to prevent family feuding, of course. (Not totally true, a musician, Jake occasionally shot bands and concerts.)

Then came along a trip to Yosemite where Jake picked up “a camera worthy of capturing [its] majesty,” a Nikon D7000, “back in early 2011 and hasn't looked back.” Now he’s shooting with a pair of full frame Nikons that rarely leave his side and his interests range from nature to urban exploration and back to concert photography.

 © Jake Kurdsjuk

He got himself a MeFOTO RoadTrip for a trip to California where he was looking for something that would easily fit in his carry-on luggage. In addition, as a Harley rider, he was pleased to find out that the tripod also fits perfectly on his bike!


 © Jake Kurdsjuk

He writes:

“I've used the RoadTrip quite often since getting it.  It lives in my car right behind the seat and is my go-to tripod when I'm out and about scouting for something to shoot.”


I asked him what inspired him and he came up with a pretty thoughtful response that, in itself, is a pretty inspiring message to get out there and shoot. Enjoy!

“I would be kidding myself if I didn't say that my brother's work has inspired the heck out of me.  He's a news photographer and shoots the gamut of what's out there to shoot, but as I flip through his paper I know when a photo is his even before I see the byline.  To shoot something as varied spot news and show it in a way that is uniquely yours is a gift, and it has gone a long way in showing me that I need to find "my eye" rather than just aiming at something and hoping for the best.  
The rest is just the wonder of the world that surrounds me.  I think mankind has lost its sense of awe, especially as it relates to nature.  We've been able to explain things to the greatest degree, and it's caused us to take the things around us for granted - just look what we're doing to the world we live in.  The majesty of a sunrise (I prefer them so much more than sunsets because they're more fleeting, and you need to be up and watching for them), a bird's first flight, the constancy of a rock formation that laughs at the length of time any of us will be on this planet, the intricacy of a leaf, the delicate beauty of a simply flower, the "how the hell does it fly" nature of a bumble bee.  
This is all amazing stuff that all I have to do is keep my eyes open and my brain tuned in and it's there for me - no hunting involved.  To try and capture the completeness of any of those moments should be enough to inspire anyone.”


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