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Mike Eddy's American Toad: MeFOTO Instagram Giveaway Weekly Winner

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In celebration of the 4th of July, Mike Eddy's superbly slimy photograph of the American Toad is our weekly winner. 

 ©Mike Eddy

If you're not familiar with this species, American Toads are renowned for one of the most notable toad calls. They give off long trill sounds lasting between 4 and 20 seconds, but can last up to 40 seconds. And if you thought a pet dog was a commitment, these little guys are capable of living up to 40 years! 

Mike says, "This photo of an American Toad was taken at Narragansett Trail in North Stonington CT.  I was on a hike when this little guy hopped out in front of me.  It was still early in the summer and this guy was just a juvenile. The picture was taken with Canon 17-85mm lens at f/6.  After posing for me to snap a few photos he went right on his merry way." 



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