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Snowboard Shooting with my "Franken-Rig" WalkAbout and GoPro®

  by Rick Calvelli       Category Sports Photography/Video       Tags GoPro, Video, snowboarding, skiing, Travel photography, adventure, MeFOTO WalkAbout

Every year my ten year old son Nico and I make it a point to hit the slopes as much as possible. This year was no different. I can think of no better way to spend quality time with my boy than to do what we love together. This year, we decided to not only hit as many mountains in the Northeast as we could (easily assisted by the polar vortex and mass quantities of powder) but to also shoot video and stills using our GoPro Hero2. 

©Rick Calvelli

©Rick Calvelli

At first, we went through the motions many new GoPro shooters do, resulting in lots (too much!) of POV footage from Nico's helmet and chest mount. While reviewing our clips and stills at the end of every day, it dawned on us both that we would need something more…our solution? A “Franken-rig” MeFOTO WalkAbout!

Since the GoPro shoots at such a wide angle, it would be necessary to get in closer with an extension of some kind.


©Joey Castellano

©Joey Castellano

Using a  WalkAbout monopod, rigging a GoPro tripod mount, a MeFOTO spiked foot and some old plastic, I was able to not only create a “go-pole” for closer footage but also to replace one of my ski poles to ease my load. The WalkAbout worked tirelessly at duel tasks without a hitch and was everything we needed to really put a different perspective on our shots. Hand held by me while skiing or “poled out” by him while riding gave us so much more to work with. So much in fact, that while reviewing our footage, we realized we could really put something cool together. A true edited video.


Now comes the challenge of logging our footage, choosing a score, editing video and eventually coming up with a final piece that we are both satisfied with. Regardless of the outcome, we are both up to the task. As I stated, there is still nothing better than to spend quality time with your best bud. Even better still was to share something creative and to document that precious time spent together. 

©Rick Calvelli

©Rick Calvelli

Stay tuned to the MeFOTO blog to hear news of our short “Gettin’ Stickers” due out sometime this spring

Ana Castrillon's Contemplation: MeFOTO Instagram Weekly Winner

  by Colleen Carlisle-Nicholas       Category Travel Photography, Portrait, Family Photography, Giveaway       Tags Travel photography, portrait, MeFOTO Giveaway, MeFOTO Backpacker

Travel Photography. The words bring to mind images of scenic vistas and people in colorful native costumes. But travel can also provide us with the opportunity to capture unique portraits of our companions. 

Ana Catrillon, our BackPacker Giveaway winner for 1/24/14, tells the story of her winning image:

"This picture means a lot to me for two reasons. Firstly, it's my Dad! Secondly, it's a wonderful reminder of the time we spent together while traveling Europe.

This particular shot was taken while on a train back to Bucharest, Romania. The sunlight was so perfect, and my Dad's face holds so much character that the shot practically took itself; I merely framed it. However, what really made this shot special, is I needed a dark background through the window to clearly see his reflection. By pure serendipity, a train passed by right then, giving me all I needed for this photo, and enough time to take 2 shots!" - Ana