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Patrick Bianchi's "Pirate Cove": MeFOTO Instagram Weekly Winner

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Congratulations to Patrick Bianchi, last week's SideKick360 winner, for this "accidentally awesome" shot taken earlier this month in Disney World.

"Wow!  I can't believe I won!!  I'm an amateur photographer from New Jersey who really only started to find his groove this year. I got my first DSLR (a Rebel T3) in 2011, and would only pick it up once in a while to play with, but never really learned much about it. Then, this year I started to read up about photography - A LOT!  During this time, I came to the conclusion that my Rebel was not really sufficient for the type of photography I wanted to do. This past summer I bought my Canon 70D, which is what I used to take this picture. I practiced with it as much as possible in preparation for my trip to Disney World two weeks ago - it would be Christmastime, so I knew I'd be taking a ton of pictures. I'd also want to take some dark ride photos while I was there and that's how this one came to be.

For this shot, I used a Sigma Art Series 30mm prime lens. I used aperture priority set to f/2 and let the camera decide on shutter speed (1/10 sec) and ISO (3200). On these dark Disney rides, you need a wide aperture in order to keep the shutter speed fast enough to not have a blurry mess. For those unfamiliar with the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, they have an animatronic Jack Sparrow at the very end. I was taking pictures of him while the boat was moving, and then we stopped just ahead of it waiting for other boats to unload. Having the boat stopped allowed me to stabilize the camera a bit more and get a longer exposure of the lantern and barrels. Since the aperture was open pretty wide, it created a nice depth of field and a really cool look. When I was going through and tweaking my photos from the trip in Lightroom, I saw how accidentally awesome this one came out and knew I had to post it. And I'm sure glad I did!! - Patrick

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Steve Tanzer's "Maleficent Roars": MeFOTO Instagram Weekly Winner

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Count on Disney for fantasy, fun and grand parades! Disney debuted their new Festival of Fantasy Parade in Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom earlier this year and it's a stunner. Featuring fabulous new floats, a winning score broadcast by a world-class sound system and Disney's colorful cast of performers, this parade is a must see!

There is a good mix of modern and classic Disney Characters all brought to life with their own dedicated floats. Among the most impressive is Maleficent, the fire-breathing dragon, who battles Prince Phillip and his Sword of Truth. Here Maleficent is caught mid-roar by last week's SideKick360 winner, Steve Tanzer:

Shot curbside on a Galaxy S4

Shot curbside on a Galaxy S4

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R.J. Owens' "Hail the King": MeFOTO Instagram Weekly Winner

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Disney World's Festival of the Lion King is a rousing musical revue featuring songs from the animated film The Lion King. Broadway quality singing and dance numbers are combined with a circus style show that includes acrobatic monkeys, a fire knife wielding hyena, performers dressed as birds, and an ensemble cast of dancers, stilt walkers and puppeteers. Throw in audience participation and you have something for everyone in this not-to-be-missed Disney experience.

Closed for almost a year, R.J. Owens, our SideKick360 winner for 9/19/14, was able to snap his winning image at the newly reopened show, now in the new Harabe Theater in Animal Kingdom's "Africa".

"While on a family trip to Disney World, I was able to capture some great photos of the Festival of the Lion King performers. This one was by far my favorite, I love the light behind his head." - R.J.

Taken with a Canon 6D and a 70-200 f4L Lens

Taken with a Canon 6D and a 70-200 f4L Lens

Matthew Cooper's Beasts of the Castle: MeFOTO Instagram Weekly Winner

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Last Friday's BackPacker winner, Matthew Cooper, specializes in HDR images of Walt Disney World.

For those new to the term, HDR or High Dynamic Range photography is a popular technique used to capture photos with a greater range between the lightest and darkest areas than a regular camera can usually capture. As you've probably experienced, cameras have a hard time with contrasty scenes, like big landscapes with bright skies or portraits in sunlight. HDR allows us to create images that look more like what our eyes actually see.

When shooting for HDR, multiple images are taken at different exposures and then combined in an image editing software. The final image highlights the best part of each photo.

"I took this photo at the entrance to the Be Our Guest restaurant in the Magic Kingdom. I framed the gargoyle to help create foreground interest and bring depth to the photo leading up to the castle in the back. It's a 5 exposure bracket blended in Photomatix and processed in Photoshop." - Matthew