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MeFOTO DayTrip - the Best Tripod for your Messenger Bag

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We designed our DayTrip to be the perfect 'day-out' companion for a photographer out on a hike, bike ride, or stroll around town. You may not be 100% sure whether you need to pack along a tripod, but this baby is so small and light it pretty much makes no difference if you bring it or not. Then if you come across a photo-op where you do need the extra stability...voila, DayTrip at your service! When out and about, chances are you're carrying your gear in some sort of camera bag, a messenger bag perhaps. The DayTrip is the perfect tripod to put in your messenger bag because it fits inside without taking up much room at all since it can be inserted vertically. The MeFOTO team went out shooting with our Tenba Mini Messengers and DayTrips and it was a huge success. 

We complied three kits, one for a DSLR shooter, a mirror-less shooter, and an iPhoneographer and found that all kits could fit comfortably, with the DayTrip included, in our messenger bags. 

I took some photos on my iPhone with the Ollo Clip and gold DayTrip. I used the Joby 'GripTight' mount for smart phones to attach my iPhone to the DayTrip for extra stabilization since I find my hand isn't always the steadiest, especially when shooting from an awkward position. This way I can rest my phone on the tripod and swivel it around to see what the best shot will be rather than firing a bunch and having to sort through endless photos once I'm home.

The iPhoneographer kit.

Brian found his titanium DayTrip came in handy since to get such a low angled shot he didn't need to lay on the ground or stay crouched for an extended period of time.

The mirrorless kit. 

Peter used his Nikon D5000 and blue DayTrip to take some photos of a stream in North White Plains. Once again, having a tripod on hand prevented Peter from having to couch or lie on the muddy ground around the stream to get a lower angle shot.

The small DSLR kit.