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Michael Ward's Last Shot: MeFOTO Instagram Weekly Winner

  by Colleen Carlisle-Nicholas       Category Fun, Giveaway, Night Photography       Tags giveaway, MeFOTO SideKick360, Instagram giveaway, iPhoneographer, Iphone adapter, smartphone adapter

Michael Ward, our second SideKick360 winner, has an interesting profession. He paints shoes.  Really! Working with a brush and painting freehand, Michael creates one-of-a-kind custom designs for each of his customers. He says people often come to him with ideas for their "Holy Grail" of shoes and it's his job to get that idea out of their heads and onto a pair of sneakers, dress shoes, pumps, etc.

Though most of what Michael photographs is his artwork, he took a break recently and hit the road for some photographic experimentation:

"I had bought a Canon S95, and decided to take it to Vegas to flex it's muscles and experiment with some settings I had studied, but never had the opportunity to use on a camera of my own. After a whole night of shooting Vegas signs, cars and casinos, it was time to call it a night. As we left the Mirage, I saw this gorgeous car in the parking lot. My friends were in a hurry, but I had to hold up the group to get one last shot. And here it is!" - Michael


Checkout Michael's other work at:

Adam Surges' Sunny Heart: MeFOTO Instagram Weekly Winner

  by Colleen Carlisle-Nicholas       Category Macro Photography, nature photography       Tags Macro photography, Instagram giveaway, MeFOTO Giveaway, giveaway, Olloclip

Insect eyes, mineral crystals, rain drops - who doesn't love a peek into the miniature worlds that surround us? Macro photography puts us up close and personal with wonders we might otherwise miss. Happily, the advent of digital photography has made macro accessible to virtually all photographers. With an inexpensive Olloclip, I can even shoot macro with my IPhone!

Still, capturing a great macro image is not without it's challenges. Shooting close to your subject means a very narrow area will be clearly in focus (a shallow depth-of field). Compensate for this by closing the aperture to its smallest setting and now you will need more light to get a good exposure. And that's just one consideration. Creating a really satisfying image is often a dance of give and take.

Adam Surges, BackPacker Giveaway winner for 2/7/14, shares his process for creating this winning shot:

"This shot was taken with my Nikon D40 and the kit 18-55mm lens. I had my lens zoomed in to 55mm with the focus manually set to the minimum focusing distance and moved my camera as close as I could to the tulip I was photographing. I had a flash set up just above the flower that I remotely triggered to light up the flower. Because I was so close, I was shooting at f/22 so I would have enough depth of field to get everything in focus." - Adam


Want to try your hand at Macro Photography? Looking for a few tips to get you started? Try these:

Point and Shoot





Steve Huff Gives MeFOTO a Thumbs Up!

  by Domenick Delfino       Category Reviews, Giveaway, Featured Photographer       Tags MeFOTO, DayTrip, MeFOTO DayTrip, MeFOTO Backpacker, RoadTrip, MeFOTO RoadTrip, Steve Huff, giveaway, tripod, photography, Review, MeFOTO Giveaway, MeFoto review Steve Huff Gives MeFOTO a Thumbs Up!

Over the past couple of months, Steve Huff has reviewed the MeFOTO DayTrip, BackPacker, and RoadTrip.  Despite openly admitting that he is not generally a huge fan of tripods for his photography due to the hassle of lugging them around, he loved ours!

Steve instantly fell in love the with MeFOTO DayTrip upon his first encounter and immediately wanted to learn more about these “small and tiny wonders” as he liked to call them.  But, what caused this immediate attraction?  He fell for the design, colors, and “teeny” size/ease of use.  The size of the DayTrip allows you to take it with you anywhere you go.  For more product specifications, please click here.


Overall, Steve thought all three tripods are very nice, very well made, and VERY affordable tripods that are designed extremely well, lightweight, easy to carry, and easy to work with.  He highly recommends them.

Don’t forget to participate in the Steve's MeFOTO Tripod giveaway.  Read to the end of Steve's review for a chance to win a MeFOTO DayTrip.


Connect with Steve Huff:





Aaron Rich's Fireworks: MeFOTO Instagram Giveaway Weekly Winner

  by Rachel       Category Giveaway       Tags Aaron Rich, Instagram, Firework photography, giveaway

Our 10/4/13 weekly BackPacker winner's photo was actually achieved with a BackPacker! 

 ©Aaron Rich

"Photo was taken at the end of summer fireworks and fountain show at Versailles. They only do the shows on Saturday nights and my girlfriend and I were lucky enough to be there for the last one of the year. All of the fountains are illuminated and they sync the fireworks to opera music. It's an awesome event that people should go to if they're there during the summer months.

The only issue is they don't allow tripods. I had to be a little careful trying to get the fireworks shots but the BackPacker solved to problem perfectly. It was small enough to fit in back and not be noticed at all. When the fireworks started I had it at shortest possible setting with one leg locked straight in front of me and sitting on other. The camera ended up right below eye level so security didn't notice it and it stable enough to get the long exposure shots." - Aaron

Shot with a Canon 60D @ 35mm F/8.0 8s @ ISO 100. Used wired shutter release in Bulb mode. Post edits were: Crop, sharpen and auto tone in Lightroom 4.


How’s Your BackPacker, Matthew Stoeckle?

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 ©  Matthew Stoeckle

Matthew Stoeckle won our BackPacker giveaway back in March with a photo of his daughter Chloe. How’s he getting along with his new MeFOTO BackPacker in titanium? Glad you asked!

“My MeFOTO tripod is treating me well,” he writes, “ and living up to it’s BackPacker name.  It is durable, sturdy, and comes out on top in most situations.” Matthew has been using it with his Olympus OM-D mirrorless system and has found that the tripod travels easily wherever his camera goes. He’s found a way to attach his tablet as well - bonus points! He looks forward to upgrading to a RoadTrip  or GlobeTrotter sometime in the future.

All images and quotes in this post are used with permission and © Matthew Stoeckle, all rights reserved; story is ©MeFOTO. Please respect and support photographers’ rights. Feel free to link to this blog post, but please do not replicate or re-post elsewhere without written permission.