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Reversing the Center Column on MeFOTO

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Getting super low to the ground shots are easy to do with a MeFOTO RoadTrip or GlobeTrotter tripod. 

Simply remove the weight hook at the bottom of the center column and loosen the twist lock to pull the center column out of the spider of the tripod. Next, flip the center column upside down and insert it back into the underside of the spider. Be sure to line up the groove when doing this. Find the height you want and lock the center column. Now you're good to go!

This allows you to position the camera close to the ground while still maintaining a small footprint. Even though your shots will be upside down most photo editing applications should include an image flip tool making it easy to correct this afterwards. 

1. Here you see the MeFOTO RoadTrip with the center column facing up, in traditional form.

2. Start by loosening the center column by twisting the center column knob.

3. Push the center column down a bit so you can easily access the knob with the recessed hook.

4. Twist and unscrew the knob.

5. You can flip the MeFOTO upside down to make it easier when unscrewing the knob on the center column.

6. Once you have unscrewed the knob all the way off you can pull the center column off of the tripod's legs.

7. Staring down the center column's cylindrical holder, you will see a groove (at your five o'clock), this will need to match up with the center column's ridge when you insert the center column back in or it won't fit.

8. Turn the center column upside down so the QR plate (& camera) are facing the ground and insert it back through the center column holder. Screw the recessed hook knob back onto the center column.

9. Adjust the height of your camera by tightening the center column knob when you reach the desired height.

10. Voila! Remember you will need to flip your photographs in your post production program since they will have been taken upside-down.