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FStoppers Reviews MeFOTO

  by Rachel       Category Reviews       Tags fstoppers, jaron schneider, MeFOTO Backpacker, MeFOTO RoadTrip, MeFOTO Globetrotter

Jaron Schneider of FStoppers was first introduced to MeFOTO at WPPI when he noticed many people walking the floor with colorful tripods in their hands.

After reaching out to us we sent him a BackPacker, RoadTrip and GlobeTrotter to test out and lucky for us the response was an excellent and detailed one complete with beautiful illustrating photographs. It's also a great read if you're wanting to know the main differences between the three models from an experienced photographer who used all of them in the field.

We thoroughly enjoyed this article since it's nice to see an outsider's perspective on our brand. Comments like, "Everything on the MeFOTO tripods operates by twisting," are things we know but never really thought about wording it that way.

One of our favorite quotes from the article is: "The takeaway from this discussion on weight is this: MeFoto tripods are crazy light. Crazy light means exceedingly portable, and what’s not to love about that?" followed by,"these tripods kick serious butt."  We couldn't have said it better ourselves!

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