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MeFOTO at Arecibo Observatory

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 © Matt Hill

Mamiya 7II on MeFOTO Backpacker 

 © Matt Hill

A little bonus shot of another radio telescope from Arecibo. 

Hola! A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to grab some vacation in Puerto Rico.  Once we were there and started exploring, I learned that the movie-famous Arecibo Radio Observatory was within an hour of our hotel! You may remember this gargantuan dish from Goldeneye and Contact.

Note: This was an analog vacation, the exception being my iPhone. I only brought along film cameras and no laptop. Also, being primarily a Night Photographer, I am fascinated by the night sky and anything that has to do with the study of it.

So we hopped in the rental car and headed into the mountains. Crazy drive to get there, but worth it.  Once we turned off our cell phones (no radios allowed!) and hiked up the roadway, I was excited to see the above scene (and that I packed light).

After gawking like a tourist for a few minutes, I popped the trusty old Mamiya 7II onto my MeFOTO Backpacker and got a few shots. 

Final image from Mamiya to come after scanning 

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