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In the Field with the MeFOTO RoadTrip

  by Seth Andrew       Category Review, Landscape photography, nature photography       Tags mefoto roadtrip, MeFOTO RoadTrip Review, Scenic California

Being a landscape photographer is far from easy, but the payoff can be great. It has been my experience that exposure to the elements is the number one killer of equipment. Far away in the great outdoors where if gear fails, it can mean absolute disaster, and ultimately a waste of a trip.  

There are two things that matter the most to me in regards to my gear: reliability and weight. There is only one piece of equipment that covers both perfectly and that is my Mefoto RoadTrip. Weighing in at under 4lbs, it’s hardly noticeable when paired with the rest of my gear. After a lot of heavy abuse being submerged in saltwater, the extreme cold of the Sierra Nevada or the dry Mojave desert in 117 degree heat, it has yet to fail me. I now understand why Mefoto offers a 5 year warranty… because you will never need to use it. With a price point below $200, nothing else on the market can touch this value for the money. It has held up better and longer than a few of my other brand tripods that cost at least twice as much and now are collecting dust.

Additionally, it’s nice to have gear that is versatile and can play more than one part. With height extension options that can be just inches off the ground for that perfect low-level foreground depth all the way up to an eye level, expansive feeling shot (and with me standing at 6'1 that’s not easy for a tripod), it covers all the bases. The collapsible leg extensions hold firm and the hook on the base plate cap allows me to hang my bag while adding stability if needed.  Another great feature is the monopod leg option, which is a great tool to have on the ready when hiking through the backcountry.

It's not often that I find a product that I will stand behind proudly as I am generally not "brand loyal", but this thing redefines the word reliable. As they say, "the proof is in the pudding"… and I have found my favorite flavor. When packing for a shoot or scouting a new location I have the peace of mind that my Roadtrip will hold up to what ever I throw at it next.

To see more shots that were taken using this gear, head over to

Thanks MeFOTO, I can't wait for the next adventure to begin!



Five Colorful Ways to Brighten Mom's Day

  by Colleen Carlisle-Nicholas       Category Family Photography, Fun, Tidbits, What's In My Bag       Tags Mother's Day Gift Ideas, mefoto roadtrip, MeFOTO DayTrip, MeFOTO SideKick360

Know a dynamic, photo-obsessed Mom? This Mother's Day thrill her with one of these vibrant gift ideas:

1. Give Her an Extra Hand

The SideKick360 SmartPhone Adapter gets Mom's smartphone out of her hands and lets her join the action. With a tripod-friendly base and a rotating 360° ball joint, this handy adapter quickly switches from vertical to horizontal and locks in any position making it ideal for capturing both photo and video. I love it for it's ability to stand alone on any surface. Perfect for my daughter's impromptu Facebook chats with Grandma!

Available in 12 Colors. What's her favorite?

Available in 12 Colors. What's her favorite?

2. Give Her a DayTrip


Our smallest tripod kit weighs less than 2 lb. and folds up shorter than an IPad! Mom can easily pop it into her favorite backpack, messenger or even diaper bag. Perfect for street photography, that special Mother's Day excursion or any time she's on the go.

3. Put a Rainbow in Her Wallet

Mom's who covet color and are never without their IPhones will love Photojojo's Phone-o-Chrome full spectrum color filter for those special IPhone shots. This tiny filter is cleverly housed in an old fashioned, easy-to-transport slide frame. Holding the slide over the IPhone's lens puts a rainbow of color at Mom's disposal. Now changing a scenes mood is as easy as a finger twitch!

4. Sharpen Her Focus

Mom's who care about the sharpness of their photos as much as they care about their families will rejoice when they receive the sturdy RoadTrip Tripod Kit. Supporting up to 17.6 lbs, this tripod will steady even full-frame DSLRs with zoom lenses in a lightweight, colorful package.

5. Give Her Gracie (or Betsy or Georgia)

Induge 2 passions in one! JoTotes offers a nice line of colorful, comfortable bags that don't scream "camera bag".  Their popular Gracie bag offers seven spacious pockets with space for a camera body, multiple lenses and an iPad. Available in 7 colors, it's a pretty, practical bag for both photo shoots and day trips.

So there you have it...a few colorful ways to honor your favorite Mom and bring joy to her day.

MeFOTO & olloclip Gold Giveaway

  by Domenick Delfino       Category Giveaway       Tags MeFOTO Giveaway, mefoto roadtrip, MeFOTO, Giveaway, Olloclip, olloclip giveaway, gold, facebook, twitter, sidekick360

We’re excited to announce that we’re teaming up with olloclip and giving away a gold mobile photography kit that includes:  one olloclip 4-IN-1 Lens System, a SideKick360, and a RoadTrip Travel Tripod.

What’s it take to enter?  It’s as simple as joining our mailing list and giving olloclip a "Like" on Facebook.  You may receive additional entries for a “Like” on Facebook for MeFOTO and a “Follow” on Twitter for both MeFOTO and olloclip.  Hurry! Starts 2/17 and ends 2/23. 

Good luck!  We’re rooting for you.  After all, who said you had to be in the Olympics to win the gold?

Brian Leadingham on the Las Vegas Strip

  by M. Gertz       Category Travel Photography       Tags brian leadingham, las vegas strip, mefoto roadtrip

 © Brian Leadingham

Brian Leadingham has a passion for travel and landscape photography, saying that he hopes “to encourage people to get out and explore their natural surroundings and outdoor spaces close to home” with his photography.

He just got back from Vegas where he spent a week photographing the strip. He brought along his MeFOTO RoadTrip tripod in red, which, even on the flashy Las Vegas strip, he says, “always attracts attention and is a great conversation piece.”

“I've been using the MeFOTO RoadTrip since December of 2012, nearly everyday. It is my "go-to" tripod! It's easy to setup, quick to collapse and has a very good travel bag. With all the hustle happening on the Strip, it's great to have such a light and easy to setup tripod. It's such a small design, that is fits neatly into my carry-on bag.”

Aside from his landscapes, his detail shots stood out as being atypical of the usual photos you see of the strip, while still giving off that crazy, opulent, colorful, kitschy Las Vegas vibe.

See more from Brian on flickr and on

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