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Vanessa Joy's DayTrip

  by Rachel       Category Reviews       Tags MeFOTO DayTrip, Venssa Joy, shooting on the go

We sent our friend Vanessa Joy a DayTrip to test out. As a MeFOTOgrapher, Vanessa is already a MeFOTO user but, being as small as it is, the DayTrip is that tripod she can bring anywhere, especially if she's shooting on-the-go. 

"The DayTrip is my ideal tripod for engagement sessions because I'm usually shooting alone and don't want any heavy, bulky gear to drag along with me. With this tripod, I can easily grab video shots for use in my fusion slideshow later or get some long exposures during twilight. Top that off with rose-colored accents that match my other MeFOTO gear and I'm set!" - Vanessa