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Leigh Glynn-Finnegan's Canyon Visitor: MeFOTO Instagram Giveaway Weekly Winner

  by Rachel       Category Giveaway       Tags squirrel, Grand Canyon, Instagram, Leigh Glynn-Finnegan

When feasting your eyes on what could arguably be one of Mother Nature's most magnificent feats, the average photographer would focus on the crevices in the landscape or colour variations in rock formations, not this hairy little visitor. But Leigh Glynn-Finnegan did just that and it was hard to ignore this cheeky yet talented photograph when it came to choosing our winner this week. 

©Leigh Glynn-Finnegan

Leigh, a filmmaker and photographer, and another photographer are currently traveling and taking photos and videos for a worldwide creative project which the MeFOTO BackPacker will come in very handy for. 


To find out more on our BackPacker giveaway and how you can enter, visit our Win! page.