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Thomas O'Brien's Self Portrait: Instagram Giveaway Weekly Winner

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© Thomas O'Brien

"The winning photo was a self portrait taken in Great Basin National Park.  The park sits on the border of Utah and Nevada on highway 50.  Its one of the darkest locations in the lower 48 states.  I set up my camera (5D Mark II with a Sigma 12-24mm lens) on the ground with a cable release and shot photos like I was taking a time-lapse then climbed up to the roof of my truck and did some poses trying to stay as still as i could. I would listen for the shutter to go off then hold the position 30 seconds. Once i thought i got a few decent photos i would climb back down to check the photos out then repeat, it's very difficult to stay completely still for 30 seconds. I can't wait to get back to out there, some of the most incredible dark skies and star viewing that I have ever seen."
– Thomas O'Brien

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