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Parker Lewis's Steel Wool Fireworks: MeFOTO Instagram GiveawayWeekly Winner

  by Rachel       Category Giveaway       Tags steel wool fireworks, Parker Lewis, Instagram, night photography

Steel wool fireworks have always been a fascination of mine. While maybe not the safest activity (don't try this at home kids), the results of these unlikely ingredients: a wire hanger, 9-volt battery, and steel wool, of are none short of amazing. Parker Lewis of Mequon, WI captured them in action this week's winning photograph.

©Parker Lewis

"I have an intense love and fascination for the outdoors; and most of my photography reflects this interest. I utilized the help of a friend on a calm night after a snowstorm to create this image. Having seen steel wool used in other photographers' long exposure photography, I decided to create the spark-trail effect behind a tree to illuminate the blanket of snow that covered everything. When our shooting was done I was left with some cold hands and a number of photos of which I was very pleased with the resulting color and definition." -Parker


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